History & Heritage in Somerset County

Our roots run deep in Somerset County. It’s true we’ve housed some of the most prominent figures in U.S. history, and we invite you to come take a look at all the experiences available to you here! You can check out many of these locations throughout the year, or during Somerset County’s Journey Through the Past event held on October 9-10 this year.

United States Golf Association Museum (Liberty Corner)

America’s oldest sports museum is right here in Somerset County. Not only this, but it is the world’s leading institution for the collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of golf history. The USGA Museum was originally . Today you can visit the museum to learn about the greats in golf. You can peruse the library or check out the many artifacts (the world’s largest and most significant collection to the game of golf) like the famous moon club, or their collections and permanent galleries.

Jacobus Vanderveer House and MuseumJacobus Vanderveer House (Bedminster)

Fast fact: The Jacobus Vanderveer House served as headquarters of General Henry Knox during the winter of 1778-79. It is the only surviving building associated with the Pluckemin Artillery Cantonment, America’s first military academy.

JVH will host their annual Colonial Christmas this year that will kick off the holiday season.

Long Hill House Prints + Whimsy (Hillsborough)

Your stop for local, sustainable, and organically products. Long Hill House Prints + Whimsy was built in 1790 and still retains its original character and is Registered as a Historic Property for its agricultural  significance as well as being a part of the Underground Railroad. You won’t want to miss the classes offered here including a colonial crafting class, art studio classes, and holiday craft classes.

Washington Rock State Park (Green Brook)

One of the oldest state parks in New Jersey. Washington Rock‘s importance in history cannot be overlooked (pun intended?). With a 30 mile view of the Raritan Valley, this strategic location served as a valuable lookout as Washington was able to direct his troops to cut off a British retreat during the American Revolution.


Wallace House (Somerville)

Headquarters to General Washington from December 1778 to June 1779, when the Continental Army was stationed at Middlebrook, the Wallace House was where Washington planned the Sullivan Campaign that helped destroy the power of the Iroquois Confederacy. This house also hosted prominent visitors including General Knox, Benedict Arnold, Alexander Hamilton, Baron Von Steuben, and Lord and Lady Stirling. Owned by the State, the Wallace House has been a museum house for over 100 years, and is open to the public.

As of September 2021, visitors should make an appointment to visit these properties by any of the following methods: https://wallacedutch.eventbrite.com/ or email wallacedutch@dep.nj.gov or call (908) 725-1015.

Keep your eyes open for the Middlebrook 5 Generals Tour hosted by the Heritage Trail Association. This tour that generally operates in February includes a tour of the five historic homes around Somerset County. You will visit all five existing houses where George Washington, Henry Knox, Baron Von Steuben, Nathaniel Greene, and Lord Alexander were headquartered during the Middlebrook Cantonment of 1778-79. Abraham Staats House, Jacobus Vanderveer House, Wallace House, Van Veghten House and the Van Horne House are on the tour.

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