Defined by a beautiful landscape, Somerset County projects a healthy lifestyle and strong economy celebrated through a spirit of creativity, culture and learning.

Engage with a growing, competitive economic setting, ideal for nurturing your successful career or growing your company. Enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle with a prosperous and fun balance, highlighted by stellar cultural and academic institutions, unique places, and business resources.

  • Unique downtowns, the flourishing hubs of our safe, affordable communities amid bucolic suburbs and rural vistas.
  • First-class healthcare, housing, schools, training and enriching social services.
    High-energy recreational options, including green and open spaces, historic sites, sports venues and renowned events.
  • Rejuvenating amenities, like outstanding health and wellness facilities, spas and restaurants.
  • Prime business resources and employment possibilities.
  • A talented workforce, employed at enterprises ranging from start-up technology companies to global life sciences firms.

Centrally situated in New Jersey, Somerset County grants a respite from the hustle and bustle of neighboring New York City and Philadelphia. Accessible through an extensive highway network, passenger rail lines, and regular local and interstate bus service, Somerset County, NJ is home to a wide range of  businesses, and amenities. Whatever brings you to Somerset County, NJ you’ll find plentiful opportunities to pursue your passions, immersed in an inclusive, rewarding environment.

Contact our Somerset County, NJ our workforce and economic development professionals at
(908) 218-4300 or info@scbp.org.

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