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Pop’s Bike Shop

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“So, when do you guys open your own shop?”

It was amazing how many times over the final few months of Efinger Sporting Goods some member of the Cianfrone family was asked the question. I guess that is what happens when a part of that family has been one of the constant faces in the Central Jersey bicycle community for over 35 years, but it was still surprising every time. But it was also a message.

Clearly over the years Marc had done something right. So, at the end of the day it felt like the right thing to do. And so, Pops Bike Shop was born.

It wasn’t an easy road. The official career started way back in the 1980s down on Hamilton Street when a great guy named Sam Gilbert gave him his first shot. After a while of being mentored by Sam, it was time for a different test. That led to a stint as a sale rep at Diamondback where he traveled all around the tri state area helping shops thrive. Eventually with his family growing older and larger, Marc needed something closer to home, which meant a long period at Wheel Life Cycles in Belle Mead, Somerville and Skillman. From there he returned to his roots in Bound Brook at Efinger Sporting Goods for 12 great years before Pops became a reality.

But it all really started back in his driveway at home. With Pops. Those moments that Marc spent with his dad were the ones that stuck with him and made him want to work with bikes as a way to make a living. And over 40 years later, every day is just as exciting as the first. Except now it means a bit more. This isn’t for anyone else anymore.

This is a Cianfrone thing.

So, come on down and check us out because we promise to be the same people we always have been. Because Pops raised Marc that way. And Marc raised his kids that way. The location may have changed but the reasoning hasn’t.

Bikes are supposed to be fun. And customers are supposed to be treated like friends. It is what makes this all great.

Well, that and the chance to make our fathers proud.

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