About Somerset County, NJ

We consider our vibrant community the heart of New Jersey, and for plenty of meaningful reasons. Whether you’ve come to play, work or stay, expect to fall in love with our proud heritage, eclectic culture and exceptional quality of life. Our central location, combined with a host of premier services, amenities and recreational opportunities, draws together remarkable people who appreciate the pure vitality that radiates here. Take your time, and look around. From distinguished estates to working farms to thriving Main Streets, enjoy a spectacular journey through the wonders we offer—all of them uniquely Somerset. We are so pleased to see you!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Throughout the entire year, Somerset County, NJ wows with distinctive diversions. Lively. Enlightening. Internationally recognized. Gather with community members for events and entertainment encompassing arts, culture and music, open-air and athletic activities, revealing classes and tours, and wholesome fairs, festivals and farmers markets. Check out some of our featured events below to see all upcoming events.

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