Somerset Fall Harvest

Is autumn the best season? Cool, brisk air, pops of color in fall foliage, spooky season, and so much more! If it’s not the best can we say it at least makes the top four? Check out the below ways to learn more about fall events, festivals, farmers markets, u-pick fields, community supported agriculture, and more!

Fall Events & Festivals

It’s spooky season in Somerset County! Embrace the spirit of the season (pun absolutely intended) and check out our sensational fall festivals and events. From hayrides to pumpkin picking, horror movie screenings, to spooky ghost walks, and more, there’s a little something for those wanting to spend time with their families to those looking for a fun night adulting.

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Fall Foliage

Spend even more time checking out the blazing colors as the leaves change during the season. Here you’ll find some of the best places to check out the fall foliage and locations for all to enjoy in Somerset County. Our lush green gardens, parks, and golf courses are about to have fiery pops of warm tones. Visitors can even check out some of our historical sites such as Washington Rock Park to see just how George Washington and his troops were able to lookout from afar to see British troop activity.

Farms and Farmers Markets

Somerset County’s farmers markets are running well into fall! Check out where you can find the best #JerseyFresh produce and products for your table, and where you can find a farmers market.

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Agricultural initiatives are a huge benefit to the local Somerset County economy. What is a CSA might you ask? Community Supported Agriculture offers their members regular offerings of incredibly fresh produce.

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Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA)

Each NOFA chapter dedicates programming to aspiring and just-starting farmers, collectively referred to as Beginner Farmers. These programs have been able to explore the needs of Beginner Farmers in their states and expand their programs to better support and serve those needs. Particular emphasis is placed on improving Beginner Farmers’ access to education and peer support and networking. If you’re looking for more information on farm tours, social events, and more information on how to get started in farming, NOFA is a great go-to resource!

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