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Lupa is the mythological she-wolf who serves as the symbol of Ancient Rome. The legend says that Lupa discovered two abandoned twin boys in a basket near a river. Instead of devouring the infants, Lupa took them under her care; nursing and nurturing the boys until they were able to survive on their own.

The twin boys Lupa saved were Romulus and Remus, who we now know as the founders of Ancient Rome. Lupa is a revered figure in Roman history, because without her sacrifice of taking on the mother role for the abandoned boys, the history of the world may have been drastically different.


Lupa Apothecary offers thoughtfully curated products to holistically improve all parts of us, body mind and soul. I chose brands with a positive message, are women owned, and are connected by the common thread of being a little bit witchy and protecting our energy


The majority of the brands I carry are women owned, ethical, sustainable and created with the positive intentions to strengthen and empower us in all ways

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