Bellemara Distillery

Bellemara Distillery

2 Clerico Lane
Building 5
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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We are a different kind of distillery with a unique approach to making spirits that blends traditional production techniques from Scotland with distinctly American innovations. All of our products will be made grain to glass. We believe that to create a product that is truly distinctive, the whole process from mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturing, and bottling should be done by the company whose name is on the bottle. We love distilling, but we are also passionate about helping people discover a new world of liquor appreciation. Knowledge is power and we want to help you learn about spirits so that you can make informed decisions about what you choose to drink.

The word Bellemara roughly translates to “beauty of the sea”. In many ways, whisky is an embodiment of the sea, with its many flavors and complexities much like the sea’s currents and tides, ebbing, flowing and changing over time.

Our Founder and Head Distiller, Camden, had first-hand experience with the sea during his years in the Navy. He dreamed of how he wanted to create something that captured the calm and peaceful feeling that we all get when staring out over the ocean and the seed for Bellemara was planted.

Whisky has long been Camden’s favorite drink and he has a deep respect for the science and traditions behind it. He moved to Scotland for a year to learn all about how whisky is made. During his time there, Camden saw an opportunity to combine traditional Scottish production techniques with American distilling and aging methods to make new, unique, and flavorful spirits.

We’ve traveled the world to figure out exactly how we wanted to make our whisky. As we delved deeper into the whisky world, one of the things that surprised us was how complex whisky is and how most people do not have a good way to quickly and easily understand what they are drinking. Now we want to give you that knowledge so you can explore the whisky world and truly savor your drinking experience. It all starts with just one sip.

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