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For us, cooking is about more than just preparing meals. It’s a mastery, a craft, a meditation, a way of bringing people together, a way of traveling while never leaving your zip code.

It’s a life skill.

That’s why we started DIG: we knew we wanted to champion home-cooking in a way that hadn’t been done [to scale] before. No artful foams or tweezer food—we wanted to strip back the theatricality of restaurant culture to do something real. You can see it in how we run our kitchens, in the food we cook, and in the way we serve your meals.

Our love of cooking transcends language, culture, and place. We’re about creating a tight-knit community where everyone is welcome because we’re all working toward the same thing — better veg, cooked right.

We don’t gatekeep, and we don’t work with people who aren’t interested in learning—or teaching. Whether our staff is interested in a career in the culinary field or not, we believe everyone has something to gain from putting on an apron and improving with a stovetop.

So how do we do it? We start with really good veg, the kind your grandma would put in her signature dishes. You can taste this whole worldview of ours in our food: in the seasonality of the ingredients we serve and in the ingredients we source from our farm partners. It’s basic stuff but it all tastes so damn good.

We’re honored to bring home-cooked goodness direct to you. Whether you’re in line, online, or picking up, we want to make your every DIG every bit as awesome.

All of this adds up to what we’re all about: real ingredients, real cooking, real food. If you’re an artist looking to eat art, there’s culinary schools and Michelin stars for that.

If you want to learn how to really cook, to start with real ingredients and finish with something pure and amazing, DIG might be the place for you.

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