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Big Pinks BBQ is born out of a passion for food. You can travel this great country and find all different types of BBQ which the locals swear by as the best. We aren’t trying to take any one style, but instead just aim to make great tasting food and therefore; we call our food Jersey Style Q. We define Jersey Style Q as follows:

DIFFERENT RUBS, FOR DIFFERENT MEATS We believe different meats deserve rubs which compliment their flavor. So we make our own unique rubs for the meats we serve at Big Pinks. So rubs have a few ingredients and others have the whole spice cabinet!

YOUR SAUCE SHOULD SUIT YOUR TASTE Are you Sweet? Spicy? Sassy? Or maybe a little different? We believe being a unique individual is great and  should have the right to choose you flavors. So we have at least 8 individual sauces at anytime so you find the one you like or have fun and make your own sauce out of all of them!

SIDES MATTER We believe there is little worse then having a great rib or piece of brisket and you go to taste your sides and NOTHING! No flavor, no spice, no nothing. So whether it’s using five different cheeses in our mac and cheese, or having cole slaw which is more than just crunchy, or our own unique sides; we think sides matter and hope you think they are delicious on their own.

BREAK THE MOLD New Jersey is a place where so many great ethnic foods can be had, we try to combine those styles for a new flavor. Whether it’s an egg roll made with baby back rib meat or Shepherd’s Pie with burnt ends, we look to try new ways to make our BBQ like New Jersey, UNIQUE!

NEW JERSEY HAS GREAT BAKERIES New Jersey has some of the best Bakeries in the U.S. So we have our bakery make unique bread products for our sandwiches rather than depend on breads loaded with preservatives and things we can’t pronounce. But we do make our own moist cornbread!

One last thing, you won’t find a smoke ring on our meat and that is intentional as we burn our hickory directly and without charcoal in our smokers. You will find a distinct taste of smoke in our meat and a texture which isn’t like ham.

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